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This is the second installment of my weekly holiday decorating features inspired by the stack of catalogs taking on a dangerous lean on my kitchen counter. They just keep on coming! You can read last week’s Crate&Barrel feature here. This week it’s all about Wisteria and their Seaside Splendor holiday collection. I am not exaggerating when I say I want it all.

It was tough to narrow down my selections to just a few items but here are my absolute favorites from the collection (the rest of my tops picks can be found on Pinterest here). To view the whole Seaside Splendor collection as well as Wisteria’s other two equally gorgeous holiday collections go here.

Coral Wreath, $129

Coral Wreath

Lines of Style Ornaments in Blue (Set of 4), $34

Lines of Style Ornaments

Seashell Garland, $89

Seashell Garland

Bundled Up Snowbirds, $34

Bundled Up Snowbirds


Glass Seahorse Ornaments (Set of 6), $29

Glass Seahorse Ornaments

Oyster Shell Tree, $129

Oyster Shell Tree

Seaside Garland, $24

Seaside Garland

Blue Urchin Ornaments (Set of 4), $39

Blue Urchin Ornaments

After you’ve checked out the full collection on Wisteria, head over to my Facebook page and drop a link or photo to your favorite item in the comments for a chance to win a $15 gift certificate to Wisteria.

Happy Holidays!


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It’s that time of the year…there’s a nip in the air, Thanksgiving is practically here, and Christmas started before Halloween even had it’s moment. For me, this time of year means piles of catalogs winding up on my kitchen counter from brands like Crate&Barrel, Wisteria, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware touting their holiday line and luring me in while I wait for my coffee to brew. Flipping through the pages inspired the idea to feature a holiday line each week from now until Christmas. This week it’s all about Crate&Barrel from festive votives to snowflake glassware and the perfect bakeware for all of your holiday treats. Here are my favorites from the collection:

Spin Glass Hurricane Candle Holders/Vases, $24.95 – $34.95

 Spin Glass Hurricane Candle Holders/Vases


Red and White Stripe Bowls, $3.95 – $19.95








2-Piece Snowflake Ramekins Set, $9.95














Jingleberry Large Wreath, $49.95









Nordic Snowflake Candle Holders, $4.95 – $12.95


Nordic Ware ® Snowflake Silver Dollar Pancake Pan, $34.95


Farmhouse White Pancake Warmer, $24.95


Flurry Etched Snowflake Stemless Wine Glass, $6.95















And that’s just a taste of their Christmas collection. To shop the full collection, visit Crate&Barrel’s website here. Please do share your favorite items with me by adding them to my Crate&Barrel Holiday board here on Pinterest or sharing in the comments below. Happy Holidays!


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Newsflash! Halloween is this Saturday. In true, spooky fashion, the holiday has quite literally snuck up on me and apparently I’m not alone in that. Almost none of my neighbors have their decorations up yet either. So, I thought I’d curate a few ideas for anyone who is also decorating in the twilight hour. These simple, cheap, DIY decorations will have the little ghosts and goblins soon to ring your doorbells thinking you’ve been ready for them all along.


All you need is yellow construction paper and toilet paper to create this look. Could this be any simpler?!


These look so much more complicated to recreate than they are. All you’ll need is a bowl, some white fabric, perhaps a sharpie for the eyes and mouth, and a knotted string to hang them on. Voila!


I’m sure you can piece this one together on your own. Just visit a local craft store and find everything you need for this cute door hang!



This lantern is super easy to recreate. You’ll need a mason jar, black paper, vellum or masking tape, craft glue, and some wire for hanging. So simple!



I just think this look is the coolest! All you need is some black poster board,  command poster strips, and a little bit of artistic skill with the scissors and you’ll have a bunch of bats flying across your front door.

For more great ideas, head over to my Pinterest board, “Halloween Decorating on the Fly“.


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.


Benjamin Moore recently released their 2016 Color of the Year, Simply White, and I am so excited to see that it’s a color I use often in my designs, especially when designing for a coastal client. White is clean, crisp, fresh and brings a sense of simplicity to a room. In honor of this exciting news, I thought I’d share with you a few design tips and tricks to make an all-white color palette feel warm and welcoming.


It’s all about the layering

When working with whites, it’s all about layering. From layering several shades of white in a single space to adding texture through white style elements, white can add a sense of dimension and nuanced complexity.

In this client’s home I played with the surfaces and textures to add depth and dimension to a previously dark and shadowy room. I used Benjamin Moore White Dove on the ceiling, Benjamin Moore Atrium White on the walls and I mixed Benjamin Moore White Dove and Super White for the trim. This backdrop of layered white tones really helped to allow the furniture to tell the story. The bedding and lighting were yet another opportunity to brighten the space. The furniture in this room had strong sentimental value for my client as it was hers growing up and with the help of my very talented friend and artist, Andrea Smarrelli of BoJams Studio, we were able to refinish it and give it new life for their guest bedroom.



Use softer, warmer finishes

I love adding driftwood or acrylic furniture to all-white spaces to create an elegant coastal vibe. This Marilyn Acrylic Arm Chair in Pewter Grey would look gorgeous against a white palette adding dimension and depth and providing a sense of elegance and sophistication in a coastal inspired room.


Marilyn Acrylic Arm Chair in Pewter Grey from Global Views

Or you can opt for a warmer, darker finish to create movement and contrast like I did in the bedroom above.


Include reflective elements

Mercury glass and antiqued mirrors are my favorite way to do this. The antique finish provides a softer reflective element and adds a vintage appeal to the space. You can bring this in through accessories such as a mirror or lamp as well as furniture. These mercury glass jugs from Imax, for example, would look fabulous in an all-white coastal color scheme.


Mercury Glass Jugs from Imax


Increase the use of texture

White sheepskin and flokati rugs are both wonderful ways to unexpectedly layer in the white, while introducing texture that warms the space and brings added depth and dimension. This Sheepskin Rug from Safavieh is one of my favorites – trust me, you won’t be able to keep your feet or hands off of it!

Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin Rug from Safavieh

For a more casual appeal, look to natural fiber rugs such as sisal or jute to increase interest and texture. Fabrics are also a great way to bring in texture – layer a white linen sofa with a white velvet accent chair. Wall art is fabulous too! Texture truly speaks volumes in an all-white space.

Many people are afraid to embrace white in their decor but white can truly elevate a space. When designed around the right elements, white can make a smaller room feel spacious or a larger room feel cozy. The possibilities are truly endless with white. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s color narrative here for even more inspiration.


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Houzz.

A day late but the glass is still half full…of iced tea that is! Apparently yesterday was National Iced Tea Day and thanks to a Southern Living guide for “20 new ways to enjoy this Southern classic”, I felt inspired to pull a quick post together featuring some fun iced tea glasses. So, start here for some glassware inspiration and then visit Southern Living’s article for some tasty sweet tea recipes to fill your glass with. Cheers!

Josie Hobnail Glasses from Crate & Barrel ($3.95 – $4.95)

Josie Hobnail Glasses



Opalescent Tumbler from Anthropologie ($14)




Artland Savannah Highball Glass from Target ($29.99 for set of 4)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.13.40 PM




Clara Pressed Glass Tumblers from Pier 1 ($6.48)

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.23.45 PM




Pressed Glass Tumbler from Urban Outfitters ($12)




Aqua Hobnail Highball Glasses from World Market ($15.96 for set of 4)


Aqua Hobnail Highball Glasses



P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.

It seems like each year May is always the killer month. I typically feel stretched too thin and wish I could clone myself to get it all done! School is winding down which always seems to bring a flurry of extra activities on top of the usual weekly kid activities. It just about sends me over the edge until I remember that July is just around the corner along with some beach time in Charleston. Ahhh.. all is well :)

Now that we’re breathing again, let’s dive into this week’s fabulous finds.

1. Azul Leaf Dinnerware and Stitched Dinnerware Service from Neiman Marcus

12-Leaf Azul


I stumbled upon this gorgeous dinnerware while looking for some tabletop inspiration for a client.  Love the color and pattern of this Azul Leaf Dinnerware and it layers so perfectly with the Stitched Dinnerware Service pictured above.  Both are available through Neiman Marcus.  And that table is just so pretty – yes, I’m ready to pull up a chair and dine here!

2. Fischer Round Storage Ottoman from Crate & Barrel

Fischer Storage


This Fischer Round Storage Ottoman from Crate & Barrel is full of texture and storage – so fun and so practical at the same time! These stools/ottomans are trending so strong and for such great reason.  They are packed with personality and really add to a room.  They can serve as extra seating, a chairside table or a place to park your tired feet after a long week!

3. Hourglass Stool/Side Table from Bungalow 5

hourglass Table


I was so excited when I found this Hourglass Stool/Side Table from Bungalow 5.  I’m specifying this for my client in the Mahogany finish but just had to show you this fantastic blue color that’s also available. There’s also six other finishes to choose from. Love the base detail on this as well!  Perfectly sized at 13”D it makes the perfect chair side table or can be tucked into a tight corner by a sofa when a standard sized end table won’t work.

4. Heather Trays from Made Goods


I found these Heather Trays from Made Goods for my client’s ottoman.  The combination of raffia and twisted rope really give it a great coastal vibe – perfect for their river house!

5. Quote from The Southern Coterie

Southern C Quote


This quote was shared earlier this week on Facebook by the The Southern Coterie.  The two women who started this networking group for entrepreneurs, Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy, are truly amazing and speak to everything I am trying to do in my design business.  They are such an inspiration as I work on building and growing my business in Charleston!  They just held an incredible conference in Charleston the week before last.  I had planned to go, thought I had registered but realized I never did and at that point it was too late – yes, that’s when you know you’re too busy!! But I followed (more like stalked) the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram trying to at least be a part of it through social media.  I love this quote because it reminds us that we truly are the only obstacle that really exists.  The walls we create in our minds are just that, self-created.  When we change our mindsets and release what we believe limits us, anything is possible!

6. Sunrise in Charleston



I can’t leave this week without sharing another favorite photo from Charleston.  This one was posted on Twitter by Charleston’s Post and Courier capturing the sunrise at Isle of Palms this past Tuesday. It stirred my soul the minute I saw it and found myself repeatedly going back to look at it.  It truly is breathtaking and made me realize more than ever, how strongly committed I am to making Charleston my home in the near future.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of many fun and inspiring finds, including an amazing sunrise or sunset that stirs your soul!


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.

I was driving back from dropping our dog, Toby, off at the groomer this morning and just started to get lost in my thoughts. Here is Toby on the way to the groomer feeling not to happy about his “spa” day.


It’s so easy to let your mind wander when you drive. I was thinking about how the pieces of my life feel so disconnected right now but I have a deeper feeling that they will all fit together very soon.


I just need to trust that God has this and what looks and feels like chaos to me right now is coming together just how God has planned it and within a heartbeat it can all, and most likely will, transform into something so beautiful and even better than I ever planned or imagined.


I laughed to myself as I was thinking this because it so reminded me of the design process. Many times, our clients see only the pieces and are concerned about how it will all come together. They want to step in and control the process, just like we often do to God with our lives, but when they can step back and allow the designer to work their plan, that’s where the true beauty is born and the design becomes something even better than envisioned. The key elements in getting there are trust and faith, both in life and design.

I tell my clients that the design process is a puzzle with lots, and I mean LOTS, of pieces. If you were to walk in on someone doing a 1000 piece puzzle, you’d see the holes and realize it’s in process but it will all come together to create the final picture. The same is true with the design process and that is why oftentimes designers don’t share until all the pieces are together. We realize without all the pieces, the vision is harder to see and only begs more questions than provides answers. While I know it’s frustrating to not get a peek at the sofa I’m thinking of or a swatch of the paint color I’d like to use, it really is in the best interest of the design because only when all the pieces are available will the client really see how it all fits together.


It dawned on me as I was making this comparison in my mind that God may be showing me something to help get me through this momentary feeling of disconnect in my life. I’m begging him to give me a sneak peek at just one piece, to help me see how it’s all fitting together but I sense God is saying, “It will beg more questions than provide answers right now.” I need to trust God has the final outcome so clearly defined and just have faith that it will be good, even better than I can imagine! I can sense He’s at work just like I’m at work in the design process for my clients. While on the outside it may look like nothing is happening, I am not standing still but actively working to bring their designs together just as God is actively working to bring the pieces of our lives together.

Hmm, funny how God can reach out in the most unexpected ways to help us understand and put it into terms we can relate to. I now know, with renewed confidence and understanding that something wonderful and amazing is absolutely on its way!


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.

So great to finally have the warm weather upon us! It feels like we’ve moved straight from winter into summer with just a pit stop at spring but personally, I don’t mind. Summer is my favorite month, next to spring. It’s been a busy week with presentations and as I sit here typing this, I’m realizing I didn’t take as much time as I should have for inspiration this past week. It’s been all work and no play, as they say. As you’ll soon see, I was feeling “blue” this week but not in that way…On to the first find!

1. Michael Kors Print Shift Dress


The Nordstrom summer catalog landed in our home this week and it was love at first sight with this Print Shift Dress from Michael Kors. Blue and white is one of my favorite color combinations so I couldn’t be happier to see it everywhere right now and the use of the colors in this dress’s pattern is perfect!! I’m picturing this with some fabulous gold flat sandals. Adding it to my wish list :)

2. Kate Spade Emerson Place Margot Satchel



This satchel totally has my attention! The color just says “relax, it’s summer.” Even the name for the colorway, Spa Blue, says it all. Time to add up my Nordstrom rewards points. The last purse I purchased was in 2011 so I think it’s fair to say I’m overdue.

3. Mexican Glass Hurricanes from Wisteria


I shared these gorgeous handcrafted Mexican Glass Hurricanes from Wisteria on my Facebook page Tuesday. Thought they were fitting for Cinco de Mayo. I know, a margarita would be a better way to celebrate but these really are coming in a close second for me. Yes, when product trumps a mixed drink, that’s when you truly know design is your passion, I guess!

4. Sparkler table from Caracole


I stumbled across this find while researching martini tables for a project. I think “Sparkler” is an apt name for it, wouldn’t you say? Caracole always has a way of taking the typical and elevating it with so much style, making it a truly unique piece.   For the top, they’ve suspended Swarovski crystals over a gold leaf background and then finished the base in a soft gold. Simply stunning! Check out the detail below.


5. Recipe for Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from Southern Living


I did manage to squeeze in one homemade meal this week but with high school soccer in full swing, I have to confess Lean Cuisine and Panera Bread pretty much came to the rescue this week. We tried this Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese Recipe from Southern Living and it definitely was a winner! So quick and easy to fix, 20 minutes prep and 20 minutes cooking time. I read through the reviews and added a teaspoon of ground red pepper and substituted half and half for the milk as some suggested and it turned out delicious! This one goes in the “Quick Fix Dinners” folder.

6. Melamine Dinnerware from Pier 1 Imports



I had to run to Pier 1 on Monday to pick up some jar fillers for a client and found this gorgeous Trellis Melamine Dinnerware. The blue and green look (so fabulous!) layered well with their Carmelo Melamine Dinnerware in Ocean.


Before I knew it, I was adding in glasses and placemats – So much for staying focused! Managed to stop myself, gather up my jar fillers and get back to the task at hand. Close one! But, I’m thinking my weekend plans now include a trip to Pier 1 to pick up some place settings.

7. A quote from Brian Tracy


It is so true! Reminds me of that famous Einstein quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” We need to realize that in order to grow, we need to change. It oftentimes is not the easiest thing to do but is the path with the greatest reward.

7. A Charleston Sunset


I’ll leave you with one of my favorite all time photos from Charleston that was posted to Instagram earlier this week by the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau. Charleston has the most spectacular sunsets! It stirs my soul every time I look at it and makes me realize just how much I truly love that city and cannot wait to call it home!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of many fun and inspiring finds that stir your soul!


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.

– See more at: http://www.kmdinteriors.com/blog/#sthash.Rac0tWAa.dpuf

On my most recent trip to Charleston, I paid a visit to Mt. Pleasant’s Sweetgrass Basketmakers’ Highway – a stretch of roadside stands along Highway 17 dripping with beautiful handcrafted sweetgrass baskets, the official state handcraft of South Carolina. About time I checked it out!

Photo Credit: Anne Sponholtz

Photo Credit: Anne Sponholtz

The origins of sweetgrass basketmaking in the Lowcountry date back to the slave trade, with the first baskets appearing in South Carolina around the 17th Century. Enslaved Africans carried their craft across the Atlantic and continued to pass it down, mother to daughter, generation after generation. These baskets symbolize an African people determined to keep their culture and connection to Africa alive in America.

Photo Credit: Liz West

Photo Credit: Liz West

Like any piece of art, each basket is unique, taking on the style and creativity of the artist creating it. Some baskets can take days, even months to finish.

Basketmaker Alfreda Jamison

Basketmaker Alfreda Jamison

Alfreda Jamison is the basketmaker who wove the baskets my clients received in April for 12 Months of Christmas. She grew up in Mt. Pleasant and started learning the family tradition when she was 10 years old. 60 years later she’s still going strong.

This short film by Charles Gupton dives into Alfreda’s personal story and life of weaving.

There’s something humbling about such a deep-rooted cultural tradition. Next time you’re in the Charleston area, I highly recommend you visit one of the many basketmaking stands and chat with the basketmakers behind these intricately beautiful sweetgrass baskets. I guarantee you will walk away with both a local treasure and an appreciation for what went into it’s creation.

In addition to the Sweetgrass Basketmakers’ Highway, you can find sweetgrass basket stands in Charleston at the intersection of Broad and Market Streets as well as at the City Market.


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.

Happy May Day! Hard to believe that April has come and gone and May is finally upon us. This week was full of fabulously fun finds. I’m so excited to share these with you! Let’s get started!

1. This article from Southern Lady Magazine – Give Flowers: The Best Ways to Leave Doorstep Surprises

It took this May Day to finally learn the history of the tradition and it’s all thanks to this fabulous article in Southern Lady Magazine. May Day dates back to medieval times when English maidens would celebrate with dance and flowers. Over time, the celebrations turned toward a more thoughtful version of ding dong ditch – leaving small gifts or flowers on someone’s porch, ringing the bell, and running away before the door is opened. I already have someone in mind who I’ll be surprising later today :) How about you? Share some sunshine with a friend or neighbor today, maybe with this brilliant hanging jar idea.


2. Thibaut’s Imperial Garden Collection

Thibaut Imperial Garden Collection

My next find is from Thibaut. It’s always a great day when a new wallpaper or fabric book arrives at our studio. Thibaut never disappoints and I love their newest collection, Imperial Garden inspired by the Far East. They’ve taken patterns from antique documents and in their signature Thibaut way made them current and fun. The patterns are bright, bold and so energizing. My creative wheels are already spinning – can’t wait to use these fabrics in a future project!

3. Lilly Pulitzer Jasmine Knit Lace Shift Dress ($248)

Lilly Pulitzer Jamine Knit Lace Shift Dress

I originally found this dress over Spring Break at the Lilly Pulitzer store on King Street in Charleston. Not a day goes by that I don’t think back to it! It was in their shop window and I fell in love with it instantly. I wandered in “just to look” but before I knew it, I was in a fitting room trying it on. It took great discipline to walk away. The color is amazing! It’s really trending right now in fashion and home. And that lace detail! Okay, I may just need to give in and get it. I’m sure I’ll find/make an occasion to wear it :)

4. This quote from Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson quote

I love this quote. It’s such a strong reminder to keep the faith alive in all that we do! My former business coach and mentor Fabienne Fredrickson shared this on her Facebook page this week. It reminded me just how instrumental she was in helping me to push past my fears in starting my design business and in learning to keep moving forward in faith. It’s something I keep reminding myself to do everyday even now. She is one of those people in your life that you’ll always remember as making a huge impact. I couldn’t more grateful for having had the opportunity work with her!

5. Target’s Archipelago Collection


I am in LOVE with Target’s new Archipelago Collection. I’ll take one of everything, please! I came across it this week in one of their promotional emails and so glad I did. It has me revved and ready for some summer entertaining and decorating. I featured my favorites from this line along with some other offerings from their Threshold Summer Collection in Tuesday’s blog post, True Blue and Feeling Coastal so definitely check that out if you want to see more.

6. Josie Hobnail Glasses from Crate & Barrel ($3.95-$4.95) 

Josie Hobnail Glasses

Speaking of entertaining, I found these Josie Hobnail Glasses from Crate & Barrel while thumbing through the May issue of Traditional Home this week. These were featured in their article, “Rise and Shine“. The pictures alone will inspire you to host your own elegant breakfast party. All of the recipes look so gorgeous and yummy, especially the Strawberry Margaritas and the beautiful table setting is to die for!

7. Aqua Hobnail Highball Glasses from World Market ($15.96 for set of 4)

Aqua Hobnail Highball Glasses

In looking online for the Crate & Barrel glasses, I also found these Aqua Highball Glasses from World Market . These would look so pretty mixed with the Josie Hobnail Glasses from Crate & Barrel. I think Hobnail glasses are my next crush!

That’s a wrap for this week’s fabulous finds. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hoping this May Day brings you a little something extra sitting on your front porch :)


P.S. – If you’d like help creating a space that is uniquely yours, contact me about our design services and setting up an inquiry call to learn more.  You can also follow KMD Interiors on  Facebook and Twitter.



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